Things To Do At The Mall

Top 10 Things To Do At The Mall:
  1. Listen to 5 hours of Podcasts
  2. Read very long books
  3. Try to avoid making eye contact with some senior citizens who are looking for people to talk to
  4. Look at the crazy fashions kids are wearing (Do I sound like an old man?)
  5. Grab a Tim' Horton's coffee and treat
  6. Go to the computer store and ask questions they won't know the answer to
  7. Watch people
  8. Sit by the place where retailers interview potential employees and listen to the questions and answers
  9. Wave to people you don't know
    ...AND the number 1 thing To Do At The Mall (Drumroll please ...)
  10. Ponder what all these people are doing here
    Submitted  4/12/2007 9:23:49 AM