Things To Kill Time

Top 10 Things To Kill Time:
  1. Go to the mall and say 'hi' to someone that looks lonely - they'll talk for hours
  2. Stand near a freshly-cleaned glass door and watch people bang into it
  3. Send an inflammatory e-mail to someone who is having a bad day
  4. Talk to someone who will disagree with everything you say
  5. Respond to spam e-mails and ask if they could send you more information
  6. See how long you can keep a tele-marketer on the line by asking the same questions over and over again
  7. Forward every e-mail that says 'forward this to 10 people'
  8. Tell a teacher that teachers are overpaid and get too much vacation time (This is VERY dangerous! I've never done/thought it but I've known people that have)
  9. Debate the Mary-Ann / Ginger question
    ...AND the number 1 thing To Kill Time (Drumroll please ...)
  10. Write 'top ten' lists
    Submitted  4/9/2007 12:04:45 AM