Cures for Internet Addiction

Top 10 Cures for Internet Addiction:
  1. Get a slow dial-up connection and watch full-length movies
  2. Post to newsgroups using your real, main e-mail address so that your inbox is flooded with SPAM
  3. Try using a very old browser to access Web 2.0 sites
  4. Go to "shady" websites without protecting yourself without a personal Firewall or virus checker and download all components on the website
  5. Open all e-mail attachments with ".exe", ".scr" and ".pif" extensions
  6. If you're also a hypochondriac, go to self-diagnosing medical sites
  7. Add "lonely" friends to your MSN Messenger list so that they can chat with you any time
  8. Buy an old computer that takes 10 minutes to boot up
  9. Use Facebook at work regardless of the company policy
    ...AND the number 1 cure for Internet Addiction (Drumroll please ...)
  10. Continue reading these top ten lists.
    Submitted  9/16/2007 10:57:32 PM