Signs You Don't Watch Enough TV

Top 10 Signs You Don't Watch Enough TV:
  1. You don't know who Ken Jennings is
  2. You think "Crossing Jordan" is a religious show
  3. You've never heard the annoying phrase "Head On, apply directly to the forehead"
  4. You don't say "not that there's anything wrong with it"
  5. You don't know who says the phrase "You're fired!"
  6. You think "Thank God You're Here" is a Sunday morning show that people watch in lieu of going to church
  7. You think "The War At Home" takes place in Iraq
  8. You don't know which one of Jordin or Blake is the "beatboxer"
  9. You pronounce the 'T' is "Colbert"
    ...AND the number 1 sign You Don't Watch Enough TV (Drumroll please ...)
  10. You think the name of a show is "Law and Order: SUV" (not SVU)
    Submitted  5/25/2007 11:41:28 PM