Phrases That Are Overused

Top 10 Phrases That Are Overused:
  1. yada, yada, yada
  2. How's it going?
  3. Oh, it's going
  4. We seem to be playing phone tag
  5. I'm computer-illiterate
  6. Let's play it by ear
  7. Oh yeah baby! (Oh, maybe it's just me that says that)
  8. Answering 'how are you?' with "Oh, I'm surviving" (were you in Auschwitz?)
  9. Hey! (I over-use this phrase/word a lot)
    ...AND the number 1 phrase that is Overused (Drumroll please ...)
  10. No, Mike; you're wrong!
    Submitted  5/14/2007 4:16:12 AM