Signs It's Hot in our Condo

Top 10 Signs It's Hot in our Condo:
  1. A demon wanted to enter and thought it might be cooler to go back to hell
  2. I had a fudgsicle for breakfast today (I'm serious)
  3. We have every window open as wide as it will go
  4. We are counting the minutes until the AC is turned on in the building (4 more days)
  5. Everyday I wake up hoping it will drop to zero degrees outside
  6. The fires on Catalina Island seem like a good place to cool off
  7. Taking a shower now means turning it to the coldest setting
  8. I saw three separate people bring brand new fans into the building yesterday
  9. Every door to each unit is open to let the air circulate
    ...AND the number 1 sign It's Hot in our Condo (Drumroll please ...)
  10. The popsicle I had for breakfast had to be eaten in 5 seconds so it wouldn't melt on my shirt
    Submitted  5/11/2007 10:38:42 AM