Signs I'm Getting Old

Top 10 Signs I'm Getting Old:
  1. I remember when RAM prices dropped to $50/ Megabyte and there was a line a mile long because it was so cheap (now 1MB would cost less than $1)
  2. I look at fashions that kids are wearing and say "Why would anyone wear that?"
  3. I don't like any of the songs in the top ten
  4. Going to a pharmacy is more fun than going to an electronics store
  5. I like to watch Nature shows
  6. I no longer like watching fights in hockey
  7. I think aggressive drivers are foolish
  8. I drive a mini-van
  9. Senior citizens have a more active social life
    ...AND the number 1 sign I'm Getting Old (Drumroll please ...)
  10. High school friends of mine have children that are now in high school
    Submitted  4/20/2007 2:09:21 PM