Reasons I Can't Live Without a PVR

Top 10 Reasons I Can't Live Without a PVR:
  1. I don't have to watch that annoying "Head On Apply Directly to the Forehead" commercial
  2. I can't always stay up for "The Daily Show"
  3. Hiro Nakamura can't always be understood on the first pass
  4. Two of my "must watch" shows are often on at the same time
  5. Live TV is so 20th century
  6. An intermission is often needed to make popcorn
  7. When I answer the phone, I don't have to say "Can I call you back in half an hour?"
  8. It makes multi-tasking easier
  9. When nature calls it often doesn't wait for commercials
    ...AND the number 1 reason I Can't Live Without a PVR (Drumroll please ...)
  10. Superbowl Half-time - did Janet Jackson just do what I think she did?
    Submitted  4/16/2007 11:16:36 PM