Rabbit Season

Is it just me, or is it close to impossible of convincing anyone of anything these days?

"No, it's not!"
"Yes, it is!"
{Repeat infinitely}

I think as people get older, we/they become so difficult to convince of anything. I'm not speaking about anyone in particular, but I'm am just finding more and more that suggestions or ideas are discarded more than they are accepted. I can state something that I know to be 100% correct and would have a very difficult time convincing anyone that it is true. Not only are the ideas dismissed, they are done so quickly and without giving it much thought.

I think my brother Steve and his wife are finding this out too. They are trying to sell Melaleuca products. They praise the products with great zeal. They say how inexpensive they are and that they are higher quality than any other product ever created (I'm exaggerating) and it is still very difficult to convince anyone to buy (myself included).

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" had a scene in it where the wife was trying to get the husband to agree to something. She was smart enough to approach it by getting the husband to believe it was his idea. I think that's the key. People need to feel that they are the only one's that have the answers. They need to believe that they are the originators of all decisions in the universe.

Remember the Looney Tunes epsiode where Bugs Bunny was trying to convince Daffy Duck it was "duck season" and Daffy Duck was adamant it was "rabbit season". It went something like this:

BB) Duck Season
DD) Rabbit Season
BB) Duck Season
{Repeat Several Times}
BB) Rabbit Season
DD) Duck Season
{Pow} Bugs shoots Daffy because he tricked Daffy into saying Duck Season.

I'm starting to think this is a good approach. If I want you to say "Duck Season", all I have to do is say "Rabbit Season". If I want to convince you
that the world is flat, I just have to say it is round.

Maybe people just like to argue. Maybe this only happens to me. I don't know, but I notice it more and more all the time.

Maybe I need to learn the power of persuasion.
Submitted  11/3/2005 12:40:16 PM
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